by The Long Eye

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released August 22, 2013

Karl Sturk - guitars, vocals, bass
Patrice Scinta - drums
All songs written by Karl Sturk
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Adam Tao



all rights reserved


The Long Eye Brooklyn, New York

The Long Eye is Karl Sturk and Patrice Scinta. Karl plays the guitar and sings. Patrice plays the drums. They are from Brooklyn by way of Detroit.

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Track Name: All of the Horrible Things
i see you at sunset
wearing a long black dress
oh i apologize
i'm not looking my best

and i take a walk by my old high school
where i justify all of the horrible things i do

i ain't too patient
i'll sneak in through the back door
and all we got left is lying
on your floor

and i take a night from the rest of my life
when i bury it i'll say i'm doing fine

and i know there's so much that i refuse to do
but baby, this ain't got nothing to do with you
Track Name: Apparitions
hanging around with three sisters in the candlelight
talking about apparitions and their nightly flight
when i got you to myself in the black of night
i tasted your breath and i lost my sight
lost my sight

oh please don't leave
me like this

because you put ghosts in my head, my dear
and i could tell you what they said but you're not here
because you're the ghost in my head, so cavalier
and now i feel like i am dead when you disappear
Track Name: Valley View
step aside from your life tonight
you're going to dress up all in white
because you're going somewhere new
down to valley view

if at first you don't know how to act
just maintain an air of grace and tact
and help yourself to a drink or two
down in valley view

look my friend, it's as good as it gets
see the women turning pirouettes
take her hand now she's turning you
oh in valley view

go ahead, man, she's in your hands
it's all right, she understands
no no don't shy away, hey

oh i see you're very proud of yourself
but don't confuse affection with wealth
because we all have to pay our dues
all to valley view
Track Name: Too Many Strangers
baby please take away my glass of wine
i believe i've had enough
and if you press your lips against mine
oh girl you called my bluff

too many strangers
don't you do me no favors

you got something that i don't understand
but i'll fake it the best i can
and everything i got that you want, that you demand
well it'll fit in the palm of your hand

please take this halo off my head
it's a weight i can't bear
please strip these sheets from off my bed
they got stains, girl, i can't wear
Track Name: The Deluge
even though the deluge was so far away
i was drowning anyway
i was lost in the sound of your voice
and i had nothing to say
but please keep me
i want to stay

with your diamond eyes and your blood like wine
you are silver and brass
somewhere cities are buried in the rain
they say this will pass
you and i
hand in hand in the dunegrass

with your porcelain palm and your midnight gown
we were stumbling around
out of breath we fall to the ground
and on your head a crown
to end the let
and letting down
Track Name: Love Song
i'm tired of pretendingthat i don't miss you
and i'm tired of seeing you once a year
and i wonder how much longer it can last
and i think foolishly that i'm living in the past
but no, i love you
but no, i love you

the days are brighter when i find you
asleep on my floor in the morning
and our evenings last a thousand years
and i'd give anything to stay right here
because i love you
because i love you

love is wandering
better take it when you can
love your brother
love your man
Track Name: Take All That You Can Get
oh don't tell me one more time
what went down on ann street
i can remember it fine on my own
and don't tell me with your grin
that you remember when
you could feel a song in your bones

you hide behind your cigarette
and take all that you can get

oh that house on ann street
is just a monument
to the ghosts of my friends
so good luck, farewell
i wish you the best
but i don't want to make amends

you hide behind your cigarette
and take all that you can get
like all the women in your bed
it was all in your head

so listen when i tell you
once and for all
i wasn't singing for you
and if you need to find me
please don't look on ann street
i'm here at home on the avenue