by The Long Eye

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Tobias Walker
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Tobias Walker Honestly not sure what to say about this album.
I just love it. It just gets inside my head, and grabs my brain. o.O Favorite track: home sweet home.
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released June 30, 2012

karl sturk - guitar, vocals, piano
patrice scinta - drums
thanks adam tao



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The Long Eye Brooklyn, New York

The Long Eye is Karl Sturk and Patrice Scinta. Karl plays the guitar and sings. Patrice plays the drums. They are from Brooklyn by way of Detroit.

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Track Name: dust off the bones
lock me up and sit me down
ask me why i've been waiting around
for a voice or a sound
but i can't tell you

took the silence between two words
caged it up like a singing bird
and sold the song i heard
as it flew

give me bread, it's cast aside
but i beg for a place to hide
cause i don't go outside
when it's raining

break the choir into thirds
scatter voices until unheard
but the bones of chords and words
are still remaining

well you dust off the bones and you break them in two
Track Name: big town
i'm sitting with an old friend trying to do it all again
everything is in place, but it's the wrong place
bring the lights down and fill up the seats
the screen flickers and we'll see what we're gonna see

well you see me in this big town and i see you now

oh lord i ain't prepared for this
you can sit down beside me if you wish
long black curls are falling around your head
and whiskey in jar and i'm as good as dead

well you see me in this big town and i found you now
well you found me in this big town and i found you and i love you now

i'm sitting with a new friend, and when i speak
i'm a fool with the words but it don't mean a thing
i want to know you and know who i am
in your arms and in your plan
Track Name: the carpenter and the lumberjack
no i am not a carpenter
i am nothing more than a lumberjack
i can't create, that's not my place
i only kill, destroy, erase

no it's no use should i retire
i'll be replaced by forest fire
in time i'll try to build a home
when it burns down i'm still alone

oh please be aware
you can touch me if you dare

so put your arm around my shoulder
and we'll go live out by the ocean
we'll learn to swim beneath the moon
one day the salt won't burn our wounds

oh please be aware
you can touch me if you dare
you can touch me if you dare
Track Name: palisades
saw the sunlight slip away
on the palisades
i could stay here for a while
i'm a little child

though i put this place on trial
the city shrinks with every mile
and i know that very soon
it will fit inside my room

hear the darkened river side
speaking softly while i ride
and in the middle of the night
i am blind to city light
Track Name: home sweet home
everything is still
nothing makes a sound
except my shuffling feet
on the frozen ground
lonely little town
scene from long ago
bicycles and cars
buried in the snow

home sweet home
home sweet home

the land is unashamed
open so i see
the shadows of the clouds
in their entirety
snowdrifts on the road
melting in the sun
the flood will reach the town
drowning everyone

home sweet home
home sweet home

so come outside with me
see the robin fly
he lands upon a branch
and sings for you and i
cherries on the ground
fallen from above
a canopy of green
cradling this love
Track Name: comeback kid
time passes and nothing's changed
and i'm waiting to hear what you've got to say
cause i'm sure i've heard it before
the words that tumble from your lips to the floor
and they won't cushion your fall

so long to the comeback kid
so strong til you learn what you did
stand up just to fall back down
where you wait to be found

your salvation is in your hands
but another evening piles up with cigarettes and cans
by morning it's lost again
misplaced then stolen by your friends
and they won't cushion your fall

so long i've been dying to go
though wrong when i keep you in tow
wake up on the side of the road
but you're not alone
Track Name: lord knows i tried
see you sitting there just waiting for me to say the word
you got your new pretty haircut, got it all up in curls
but i'm dressed in rags, stranded on the phone
i'm trying hard to forget everything i've ever known

how could i stay tonight? how could i stay tonight?
lord knows i tried

ain't you kind babe, ain't you warm
i'm hungry for a beautiful form
but i know beauty is the words trying to break free
and when it's my name that escapes, it brings me to my knees

how could i tell a lie? how could i tell a lie?
lord knows i tried

and i am drawn to you like a flower turns to face the sun
please tell me another joke, i'm in the mood for a little fun
but i sit back and i can see me standing up to leave
i don't mean nothing by it babe, i just need a little more time to grieve

how could i say goodbye? how could i say goodbye?
lord knows i tried
Track Name: action
you say you're fine
you don't seem all right
take my hand and come outside
empty house
lonely town
there's nobody around

won't you please take some action
won't you please take some action

oh my friend
you live half dead
live inside your head
but we're alone
in the streetlamp light
i could marry you tonight

won't you please take some action
won't you please take some action
won't you please?
won't you please?